Supported Accommodation and Homelessness Services Shoalhaven Illawarra


SAHSSI is a not for profit Specialist Homelessness Service supporting vulnerable women and families in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions

In October 2014, Wollongong and Warilla Women’s Refuges merged to create Supported Accommodation and Homelessness Services Shoalhaven Illawarra (SAHSSI).

SAHSSI has over 30 years of continuous experience, primarily working with women, with or without children, affected by homelessness or domestic and family violence. 

We are constantly seeking innovative strategies that will enable us to provide a clear and effective pathway for those using our services to live healthy, connected and productive lives in secure, long term accommodation.

SAHSSI is a local organisation supporting local women. Responsibility for the governance of the organisation rests with our management committee, comprised of individuals reflecting a skilled and diverse cultural mix relevant to our organisation’s local needs.

SAHSSI is also a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), and a Registered Community Housing Provider.



Our Core Funding

  • Specialist Homelessness Service (SHS) Funding – provided by FaCS, Department of Communities and Justice 
  • Domestic Violence Response Enhancement Funding (DVRE) – provided by Department of Communities and Justice
  • Joint Rent Choice Start Safely Pilot Program DCJ Housing NSW – provided by Department of Communities and Justice.


A world where all people live safely, independently and free from abuse.

Our Purpose

SAHSSI provides housing and access to related, relevant services to people in the Illawarra Shoalhaven district, especially those women and their children affected by domestic and family violence.  We work with all partners of excellence to assist our clients to achieve their goals.

Our Values

Self Determination – Ensuring those who use our services are able to make pro-active and positive independent decisions and have control of their lives.

Respect – We show consideration for the rights, diversity, and differences between people.

Dignity – We value the worth and the value of all people.

Integrity – We are honest in what we say and do and adhere to our agreed moral principles.

Equity – We treat others with justice and fairness

Compassion – We understand and provide support for those experiencing suffering and challenges.

Our Services

Crisis Accommodation – SAHSSI has two women’s refuge services in the Illawarra and one in the Shoalhaven. Read more here

Transitional Housing – The transitional accommodation offered by SAHSSI is targeted to single women and women with children. Read more here

Case Management – All of the support that SAHSSI provides to women does or can link to case management. Read more here

Case Coordination – In addition to structured case management, SAHSSI can also provide case coordination services. Read more here


Accessibility to our services:

Our head office is located at Level 1, 63a Market St Wollongong, with management, finance and administration, a centralised intake and referral service and a skilled trauma-informed outreach case management team.

It is accessible by public transport. We have a client interview room with computers and printers for meetings with case managers (help with online applications, rental seeking etc.).  This head office is not wheelchair accessible and as we are on level 1, clients who are unable to manage steps will be responded to via our outreach case management services – we will meet the client at any safe location that suits their needs.

Our temporary accommodation sites in Illawarra and Shoalhaven have wheelchair access. Two out of three women’s crisis accommodation in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven also have wheelchair access.

SAHSSI staff can assist with advocating for appropriate Translating and Interpreting Services to meet the client’s needs.  Or clients can contact us through the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450.

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, we can be contacted through the National Relay Service. For more information, visit: www.relayservice.gov.au

Are you Homeless?

If you are homeless and need assistance, call Link2Home now

1800 152 152

Domestic Violence?

If you need support, please call the NSW Domestic Violence Helpline (24/7) on:

1800 656 463

SAHSSI Referrals

If you require support from SAHSSI, please enter your details here:


SAHSSI accepts donations of food, essential living items and cash. Please help if you can.