If this isn’t what community spirit is about then I am not sure what is. What’s the old saying? It takes a village to raise children? The village certainly stepped in and lent a helping hand!

This year, in the Illawarra we had over 30 different individuals/ organisations/ businesses reach out to see how they could help us provide support to 200 children and teens this year AND their mum’s.

So we would like to thank you all. We have been rounding up some post-Christmas thank you cards and certificates hand crafted from the families we support.

SAHSSI also wants to make a special thank you to all our case managers who individually sort through the donations, hand wrap and deliver to ensure the gifts match the need of our families and they are received in time. We appreciate the time and effort you put in always.
Thank you…..

And all the individual people or families who donated items such as dignity bag(s), ham food or books ….thank you xxx