How to Maintain a Tenancy


Having a successful tenancy is very important. If you have a bad tenancy you could be listed on TICA which can make renting in the future very difficult.

Here are some tips on how to have a successful tenancy.

Pay your rent on time

Set up Centrepay through Centrelink or a direct debit through your bank to pay your rent.

Your rent should be the first thing to come out of your pay.

If you also set up Centrepay deductions or direct debits to pay bills in regular installments, this can prevent financial hardship and large bills.

If you are having problems paying the rent on time talk to the real estate agent as when you communicate with the agent they are more inclined to help you make payments arrangements to catch up.

Keep it clean and tidy

Look after the property and don’t cause intentional damage.

It goes without saying that you should keep the interior of your home clean but this ought to extend to the outside as well.

Mow the lawns, do a bit of gardening, keep the walls and driveways clean and properly dispose of rubbish.

Retain copies of all correspondence

Where possible, submit requests to your landlord or agent in writing and keep a copy.

Keep copies of any written responses from your landlord or agent as well as all receipts received. This keeps things civil and clean and helps avert any disputes and misunderstandings.

It is also recommended to take photos of any damage before you move in and complete the property condition report at the start of your lease to include any existing damage.

Respect your neighbours

Always be aware of your neighbours and be polite and civil.

Don’t have loud music or loud verbal disputes that disrupt your neighbours right to quiet.

Inform your landlord of needed repairs

Let them know as soon as possible in writing of any repairs that need doing.

Also remember that flexibility is a valuable characteristic.

If the maintenance you require is not urgent and your landlord agrees to see to it as promptly as possible, be relaxed about it.

Never withhold rent if maintenance will not be carried out. Seek advice from a Tenancy Service.

Comply with the terms of your lease

Don’t use the property for any illegal activities and adhere to any additional clauses of your lease.

It is important to read and understand the lease.

Don’t allow additional tenants without permission.

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