Being a Parent Isn't Easy


Finding it hard with sleepless nights? Toddler Tantrums? Fussy Eaters? You’re not alone.

Every parent feels the pressure sometimes and finds it hard to cope. But it’s important to stay in control. Remember, you are the most important person in child’s life!

Take a Break!

sad-parentYou deserve a break if you’re feeling stressed. Ask a trusted family member, friend, neighbour, or Family Case Manager (when available) if they would mind your child for a short time to give you some “you” time. If support is unavailable take your child for a walk to the park or put on some music you like and make yourself a cup of tea. Get to know other parents at the local playgroup, through the early childhood centre, or at the park – create your own support network. Stress often stems from tiredness, disappointment or conflict – try to do something about it before it becomes too much to handle.

Feeling Angry or Upset?

Close your eyes and count to five, or take some deep breaths. Explain to your child calmly and slowly why you are upset. Ask them why they are upset and listen to their response. Reassure your child. Never give in to what they wanted before they started the tantrum. This will encourage more tantrums. There is no point in punishing your child during a tantrum – It is frightening for them too. Take them somewhere quiet and wait it out. If you fear you might hurt them, put them somewhere safe and walk away for a few minutes. Tell them you won’t be far and you will be back soon.

Did you know that most toddlers have approximately 5-9 tantrums a week?

If your toddler is having excessive tantrums seek support from professionals.

Preventing Tension between you and your Child

Praise your toddler when they’re being good. You should decide on a common approach to discipline (pick your battles). Your child will get confused you are telling them different things or confusing them with too many rules. Toddler copy what they see, set a good example and make sure that you aren’t teaching them bad habits. Are you constantly saying “NO”? Give lots of encouragement too! Plan your day to avoid stressful activities when you or your children are likely to be tired.

Need Support?

  • Parent line – 132055,
  • DOCS Helpline – 132111 (24 Hours)
  • Karitane Care line – 1300 227 464 (24 hours)
  • Tresillian – 1800 637 357 (24 hours)
  • Playgroup NSW – 1800 171 882 OR visit your local early childhood centre.

Are you Homeless?

If you are homeless and need assistance, call Link2Home now

1800 152 152

Domestic Violence?

If you need support, please call the NSW Domestic Violence Helpline (24/7) on:

1800 656 463

SAHSSI Referrals

If you require support from SAHSSI, please enter your details here:


SAHSSI accepts donations of food, essential living items and cash. Please help if you can.