Partners in Recovery

Supporting People Who Experience Enduring Mental Illness (Men or Women)

What is Partners in recovery?

The Illawarra Shoalhaven Partners in Recovery (ISPIR) program supports people who experience enduring mental illness to access the services and supports that will assist them in their recovery.

How ISPIR works for you?

ISPIR operates with the belief that you are the expert on your own life.

Through ISPIR you will have:

  • Control over your recovery journey
  • Opportunities and choices, and support for your decisions

Support Facilitators will work with you to understand your needs and goals, connecting you with the customised support team you need at that time.

The process starts with a referral to ISPIR.

This referral can come from you (self-referral), from a family member or carer, or from an organisation which has your consent. The Support Facilitator will then conduct a detailed assessment of you and your support needs.

Are you Eligible for ISPIR?

ISPIR might be the next step in your recovery journey if you:

  • Have a mental illness that has been present for three years or more (or is likely to be)
  • Receive services from two or more agencies OR would benefit from receiving services
  • Do not have someone from an agency to assist you in accessing services
  • Have current support arrangements which are not helpful
  • Consent to being involved in ISPIR


Your first point of contact is a Support Facilitator who works for one of the PIR partner organisations.

Your support facilitator will work with you to develop a PIR Action Plan. With your consent, they will refer you to the different services and supports, and work alongside you to overcome the barriers that are preventing you from living the life you want to live.

Even if the ISPIR program is not right for your situation, you will be connected to services that can help you more effectively. There is no wrong door at ISPIR.

Anyone can refer to Illawarra Shoalhaven Partners in Recovery, you can even refer yourself!

To Refer

Visit the ISPIR website – and complete the referral form.


Phone: 1800 228 987

Partners in Recovery is a free service.

Are you Homeless?

If you are homeless and need assistance, call this number now:

1800 152 152


Are you Experiencing Domestic Violence?

If you are experiencing Domestic Violence and need assistance, call this number now:

1800 656 463

(Domestic Violence Hotline)

SAHSSI Service Referrals

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SAHSSI accepts donations for food, essential living items and cash. Please help if you can.