The event was a huge success with more than 140 people from the business and charitable organisations community attending the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre.  Not only the business sharks who sat on panels but also all of the audience members from local church and charitable groups got involved, bidding and outbidding each other to help the services who were pitching their ideas.

We even had a group of primary school children from a local school attending who bid to provide some toys. At the end of the day over $35,500 was donated from the local community to services involved in service provision to homeless people in the Shoalhaven, including SAHSSI. It was a truly heart-warming event and many of the businesses are keen to be involved again next year.  This was not only good for fund-raising but a really important community engagement and awareness raising exercise.

With the money raised SAHSSI can now have three corrugated iron vegie patches (with $400 worth of plants and seeds and donations of gardening tools), brand new toys for the children’s playroom, a new study desk and computer and printer for the older children to do their homework, and a new DVD player.