Helping to Send a Child to the Zoo

Shoalhaven, September 2018

Collecting 145 bottles will give a vulnerable child a trip to the zoo this Christmas and Women of the
Future is asking for help to offer tickets to as many children as possible.

These children have spent periods of their childhood in situations beyond their control because their
world has been upended. Let’s give them something to look forward to this December that will
bring joy and happiness with a trip to the Zoo and visit from Santa.

WOFT are asking schools, sporting clubs, businesses and the general public in the Shoalhaven to join
in, to collect and cash in, refundable bottles, cans and tetra paks/poppers and donate the funds to

You can donate directly using this website. Please write “Bottle Muster” in the comments, so we know it’s for the zoo excursion.

“It’s so heart-warming to see these girls wanting to give back to SAHSSI and to help other families”,
said, Lesley Labka Shoalhaven Services Manager.

“Every 145 items collected, 1 child can go to the Shoalhaven Zoo this Christmas.
The more the donations we receive, the more children can go.” Sam, Project Lead, WOTF

“If you want a sign for your collection point, please let us know, as our busy little artists have designed special posters to identify your collection point.”