Information about Appeals

Clients or their advocates may lodge an appeal if they disagree with a decision made by SAHSSI or by a staff member.

Appealable Matters

  • Allocation or eligibility for transitional housing
  • Eviction from Transitional Housing
  • Outcome of a complaint determination
  • Rental subsidy assessments
  • Cancellation of rental subsidy
  • Calculation of water charges

Non-appealable Matters (Transitional Housing)

  • Matters which are the responsibility of other tribunals (e.g. NCAT) such as maintenance, bond claims, market rent increases
  • The content of SAHSSI Policy
  • Decisions not directly related to the tenant
  • Actual water charges for separately metered properties
  • The Decision to charge for water usage in community housing properties.

How to Appeal

An appeal needs to be made in writing, stating the decision you would like SAHSSI to review. The appeal will involve a “fresh look” at your case, taking into account all relevant information, and conducting an interview where necessary. To ensure a fair and equitable process, the appeal will be dealt with by a more senior officer than the original decision maker.

The CEO or their delegate will then respond to you, in writing, of the outcome of the appeal.

If the original decision was made by the CEO, the request will be reviewed by the SAHSSI Management Committee.

All appeals will be responded to in a timely manner.

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