Case Management

On location or outreach support and assistance (for women with or without children)

SAHSSI has over 25 skilled trauma-informed and specialist Case Managers who are available to support SAHSSI clients, no matter where they are – crisis accommodation, transitional housing or temporary accommodation. SAHSSI also delivers outreach support to clients from wherever they are in the region.

SAHSSI’s Case Manager will help clients to develop personal case plans, which will assist in achieving their goals. The Case Manager works in collaboration with the client to identify strengths, respond to issues and work towards strategic and action based goals.

SAHSSI’s case management can include:

  • Early intervention/prevention – outreach support to people with tenancies at risk (including tenancies at risk due to the impacts of domestic and family violence)
  • Complex Clients – Clients who have multiple identified issues, such as Alcohol and Drug, Mental Health, Physical Health, Disability (up to 12-18 months support)
  • Safety Planning – information and advice can also include linking you with NSW Police domestic and violence liaison officers, safety audits in the home, resources on digital and tech safety planning, referrals for financial support for safety devices (Victim Services or Corrective Services), referral to Staying Home Leaving Violence program


Case Coordination

In addition to structured case management, SAHSSI also provides case coordination services:

  • Inforwomen-having-breakfast-togethermation and Advice for people with low-level needs that require information and referral to another service that suits their needs (including out of area), assistance with forms, immediate intervention/advocacy support or advice and information regarding housing options or other social support options.
  • Referral and Partnership links with specialist services, e.g. counselling, child therapy, legal, financial, child protection, police, health, cultural services, and education.
  • 24/7 Crisis Response from trauma-informed case management staff who are rostered to take calls 24hours a day, 7 days a week, mostly from front-line responders to domestic and family violence such as NSW Police or Accident and Emergencies. This response can include safety planning (where a perpetrator has been removed from the home) or emergency supply of food vouchers and toiletries to women at selected safe locations across the District.

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