Street Smarts mission is to tackle homelessness in Australia at the point of real need at a local community level, achieving maximum impact and most effective change for people who are homeless or at risk.

SAHSSI will now be able to provide assistance to women and children who are fleeing domestic and family violence but have nowhere safe to put their pets while they stay in emergency accommodation.  Thanks to Street Smart.

SAHSSI helped a client who was made homeless due to domestic violence and needed help finding somewhere safe for her pets.  We were able to find a boarding place that would help and this photo was taken when the pets were returned ready to move into their new home.

“Harry” is a beautiful tabby cat that was staying at a person’s house whilst his owners (Adele and her with children) fled domestic Violence and staying at a refuge. When Adele returned to retrieve some her belongings she noticed unusual behaviours from Harry and it was bought to her attending that Harry was being abused at the residence. Adele immediately gathered items and also took Harry as well. Unfortunately Harry was unable to stay at the refuge, however with Street Smart funds Harry was able to stay at a cat hotel until Safe Beds for Pets (RSPCA) was able to assist with their temporary accommodation.